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something has to change: undeniable dilemma. boredom not a burden anyone should bear. constant overstimulation numbs me, but i would not want you any other way. it’s just not enough, i need more, nothing seems to satisfy. i said, i don’t want it, i just need it, to breathe, to feel, to know i’m alive!

how can this mean anything to me if i really don’t feel anything at all?


I Can Help You With That - Chapter 5



The smut continues, a little angst at the end for good measure.

Erotica, Smutty Smut Smut, Light D/s, Spanking, Sex, Oral Sex, Fluff, Floof, Cougar, Angst

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I awoke abruptly as he slid into me.  I don’t know if I was gushing less than I usually did around him or what, but his size just about killed me this time - scraping against my insides in a very not nice way - and, to my horror, I burst into tears at the sheer discomfort of it.

I’d never seen Oakley move so fast.  He was off me in an instant, and, to his great credit, he didn’t just sit there like a lump as lot of men would and look at me as I cried like they had no idea what the fuck to do about it.  His first action once he’d left me was to gather me to him, into arms that held me gently against him.

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